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Californians Against Assisted Suicide response to AB2x15 passage by the California State Senate

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September 11, 2015  

"As mentioned in both floor debates assisted suicide proponents circumvented the normal legislative process in passing this bill during a special session on health finance."

"That said regarding this policy, we all know that 'choice' is a myth in the context of our unjust health care reality. End-of-life treatment options are already limited for millions of people—constrained by poverty, disability discrimination, and other obstacles. Adding this so-called "choice" into our dysfunctional healthcare system will push people into cheaper lethal options. There is no assurance everyone will be able to choose treatment over suicide; no material assistance for families of limited means who are struggling to care for loved ones; no meaningful protection from
abusive family members or caregivers."

"If assisted suicide is made legal, it quickly becomes just another form of treatment and as such, will always be the cheapest option. This bill offers no requirement for mental health evaluation, doesn't protect anyone from the subtle cost of treatment pressures or feelings of being a burden. In collaboration with groups representing people living with disabilities, cancer doctors, people advocating for the poor and uninsured and faith based organizations we will do everything we can to carry that message and ask the Governor Brown to veto this bill."


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