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Thursday, 07 February 2013 00:34

Washington Times Letter to the Editor from Temple Law School Prof against MA Assisted Suicide petition

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From the Washington Times [Excerpt]:

If adopted this November, a ballot initiative in Massachusetts will legalize physician-assisted suicide for patients whose conditions are predicted to produce death within six months. Initiative Petition 1112 claims to ensure that the patient's decision to commit suicide is voluntary. That claim, however, is misleading.

The initiative petition requires that two persons witness the patient's written request for a lethal prescription. One witness, however, can have a financial interest in the patient's death. That person can be the only witness present when the lethal drug is taken. Thus, an interested heir could pressure the patient, and no one would know because no objective witness is required when the drug is taken.

For the full letter to the editor from Temple Law School Professor Emeritus Stephen L. Mikochik Click Here.

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