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Breaking: Dangerous California assisted suicide law will take effect in June 2016

Today (March 10), following the close of California’s Special Session on healthcare funding, the 90-day clock begins before California’s assisted suicide law becomes operative on Day 91.  The End of Life Option Act officially takes effect on June 9, 2016.  


The close of the special session to address Medi-Cal shortfalls, important disability services and in-home care program funding, is a reminder of the controversial legislative tactics taken by proponents in order to narrowly pass the assisted suicide bill.  


Californians Against Assisted Suicide remains strongly critical of this new law, and its lack of medical oversight and actual patient safeguards.  We will continue working with our partners including doctors, patients and disability rights organizations to educate those impacted and vulnerable, as well as working to limit the law’s harms and prevent any expansion. 

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