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August 20, 2015

Sacramento, CA – California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC), an organization representing 23 Independent Living Centers statewide issue the following statement on AB2x 15 inclusion in the special legislative session on health care financing:

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Sacramento, CA - August 18 -

Responding to the introduction of ABx2 15 today the coalition Californians Against Assisted Suicide released the following statement:

"This is a heavy-handed attempt to force through a bill that could not get any traction at all in committee.  It's one thing to run roughshod over the normal committee and legislative process to jam through a district bill, but to do that on what is literally a life-and-death issue is clearly abusive, and should concern all Californians.

"It is particularly troubling that in this rush to judgment proponents are linking this bill with healthcare financing.  That  should be truly frightening to those on MediCal and subsidized health care, who quite logically fear a system where prescribing suicide pills could be elevated to a treatment option."

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California Lawyer



Long before the doors of hearing room 4203 opened, the hallway outside was packed. People from across California crowded the fourth floor of the Capitol building in Sacramento, chatting in groups or pacing—antsy with anticipation—as they awaited the start of the meeting. The Senate Health Committee would consider several matters that March day, but nearly everyone had come for one reason: It was the first hearing on Senate Bill 128, a contentious piece of legislation that would give terminally ill Californians access to life-ending medication.

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